MICROLEVEL electronic spirit level especially wide DIN877

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MICROLEVEL incl. remote display via app         MICROLEVEL user video: 3 MICROLEVEL, 1 remote display, tolerance band

Electronic precision spirit level (horizontal) with a particularly wide prismatic measuring surface for aligning horizontal shafts with large diameters (e.g. for printing machines) according to DIN 877. Stable design made of high-quality special casting, textured lacquer. The prismatic measuring surface with an angle of 154° covers horizontal waves up to a diameter of 690 mm. The measuring surfaces are finely ground.

Delivery with robust case (included).

The latest development from Roeckle Neigungsmesstechnik e.K. in 73770 Denkendorf is the electronic precision water balance MICROLEVEL, ideally suited e.g. for mechanical engineering in the manufacture, installation and monitoring of machines of all kinds.

State-of-the-art electronics and sensors of the latest generation, built in high-quality and proven cast housing, bring the battery-powered device to the latest state of the art. Its simple and logical handling makes training unnecessary.

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  •      Large, illuminated color display
  •      Fast reading
  •      Easy to use
  •      Cancel with ZERO button
  •      Absolute / relative measurement
  •      Display longitudinal inclination in the selected unit
  •      Display twist (control as a scale)
  •      Longitudinal and twist on 1 view
  •      13 different units
  •      Hold function
  •      Wireless communication
  •      Semi-automatic calibration
  •      Temperature compensation
  •      Magnetic equipment in the measuring surfaces (optional)
  •      Remote display app via smartphone via Bluetooth included
  •      Remote control app via smartphone or PC via Bluetooth (optional)
  •      Graphical evaluation software (optional)
  •      Output measurement protocol (optional)
  •      Data export to MS-Excel (optional)
  •      Made in Germany
  •      Service in Germany


Technical specifications

  •      Digit step 20 µm at unit "mm/m"
  •      Digit step 1 µm at unit "mm/200mm" (Suitable for flatness measurements, since the length of the spirit level is 200 mm and does not need to be converted)
  •      Measuring range: +/- 15 degrees (+/- 261 mm/m)
  •      Error limit according to DIN 2276-2: fmax = 0.04% of MW, min. 0.01% of ME
  •      (ME = measuring range end value, MW = measuring value, fmax = maximum error limit)
  •      Drift: 0.05% / hr of ME
  •      Temperature coefficient: 0.1% of ME per ° C
  •      Working temperature: 20 ° C +/- 5K
  •      Storage temperature: from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
  •      Dimensions (LxWxH): 200x160x78 mm
  •      Weight without case: 4,1 kg
  •      Weight within case: 4,9 kg
  •      Li-ion battery 10h operating time
  •      Measuring surface fine grinding max. 5μ
  •      CE-compliant and EMC tested
  •      According to DIN 877 and DIN 2276-2


Supplied in a padded plastic case (included)

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