Fitter's case for MICROLEVEL horizontal and frame models

Product no.: KKMonteur


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Delivery weight: 1.6 kg

Practical assembly case made of plastic for 2 MICROLEVEL electronic spirit levels with accessories. The case offers permanent and effective protection for the spirit levels. The inlay is provided with a precisely fitting foam insert with recessed grips. Stable design with ergonomic handle and 2 mechanical, design-integrated tilt locks. The case has space for 1 horizontal and 1 frame model or 2 horizontal models or 2 frame models. There is also space for 1 iPod touch remote display device, 2 chargers, the USB charging cable and 1 dongle. There is space in the lid for operating instructions, measurement protocol and certificates. The case has feet and is stackable. The price refers to the case without contents.

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