MICROLEVEL opt. remote control via app

Electronic precision water level (horizontal and vertical), ideally suited e.g. for mechanical engineering in the manufacture, installation and monitoring of machines of all kinds.

State-of-the-art electronics and sensors of the latest generation, built in high-quality and proven cast housing, bring the battery-powered device to the latest state of the art. Its simple and logical handling makes training unnecessary

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Product no.: ML-Meter

MICROLEVEL-Meter (Remote-Display)

App for remote reading. Download app for mobile Android and iOS devices.

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Product no.: ML-Control

MICROLEVEL-Control (Remote Control)

App for remote reading and spirit level remote control, data export to MS-Excel.

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Product no.: KKMonteur
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Product no.: ML-Graph

Software for curve diagram, remote control, remote display,
measurement protocol, Excel export for Windows PC / Laptop


Example Measuring Protocol:

Measurement software MICROLEVEL-GRAPH:

WINDOWS PC software in communication with the precision spirit level MICROLEVEL:

• Permanent live graphic display
• Recording the measured values
• Evaluation of the measurement results according to ISO1101, the endpoint method or by means of linear regression (regression line)
• Long-term measurements
• Absolute and relative measurements
• Remote display MICROLEVEL
• Remote control MICROLEVEL
• Storage and archiving of the measurement results
• Reproduction of the archived data
• Data export to MS-Excel
• Output of a measurement log to printer
• Send the measurement report by email

Requirement: PC / laptop with Windows7 operating system or higher and at least 30 MB of free hard disk space.

The data transfer takes place via Bluetooth (through the accompanying Bluetooth transmitter/receiver).

If present, the readings from 2 or more MICROLEVEL precision spirit levels can be displayed and recorded simultaneously. This method can be used, for example, for relative measurements or for accurate 2-axis measurements.

The storage and the subsequent reproducibility of the measured data as well as the graphics is possible by the storage of all necessary data and parameters in a comfortable way. Likewise, the data export was implemented in MS-Excel or sent by email. For further processing, the output is also available in a neutral file format.

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