3-point measuring plane for 2-axis spirit level MPA model DIN 877 (Measuring plate)

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3-point measuring plane (measuring plate) for round 2-axis spirit level MPA model (Artikel-Nr. 4820/80/MT). made of VA 1.4305, consisting of a disc with a diameter of 80 mm, disc height 20 mm, with 3 M2.5 threads in a pitch circle diameter of 50 mm and 3 interchangeable feet with a carbide ball.
Total height of the assembled plate: Disc with feet: 30 mm above everything.

Delivery in a fitting and robust plastic case.

Delivery only measuring plate without spirit level. The photo is an application example.

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Dimensions (mm) Diameter = 80 mm; Height platform = 20 mm; Total height = 30 mm; Pitch circle = 50 mm


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